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20-minute Compatibility Call:

If you need help to write your best book, let’s set up a complimentary 20-minute consultation to talk about your book idea and see if we’re a good fit. If we are, we’ll work together to decide on a plan of action.

Book Coaching Packages:

Writing a book is hard, working with a book coach makes it easier.  You may need help formulating your idea, your method or plan, structuring your book or need feedback and accountability as you write and revise.

Do you:

  • Have a plan or method with proven results but are unsure how to conceptualize, structure it and go from idea to finished manuscript?

  • You feel like you’re not making progress and are struggling with procrastination?

  • Feel stuck after you’ve written the first few chapters because they’re not working?  Or you’ve received feedback from your agent or publisher that you need to up your game?  

  • Know that you’ve got a solid plan or method, a clear structure but need help with a book proposal to pitch your idea to agents and publishers and marketplace guidance? 

Let me help you develop a plan to meet your specific goals. You can enter this process anywhere along the way, depending on where you are in your journey to write your best book, what your goals are and what type of help you need.

All Monthly Coaching Packages Include:

  • Two deadlines per month to submit elements of your non-fiction work in progress, for example, your core idea, plan or method, rough drafts for review or up to 24 pages of your manuscript. I’ll provide a summary letter and editorial comments in Track Changes (Microsoft Word).

  • One 50-minute phone/ZOOM call a month (after you’ve submitted content or pages for review) to discuss your progress, provide feedback and plan next steps.

  • E-mail support (within reason)

  • Editorial guidance, support, feedback, and accountability to support your progress through roadblocks like procrastination to THE END.

I’ll send you a Client Get-to-Know-You form so I can learn more about you, your book idea, any issues, and problems with your work in progress (WIP) and your goals. I’d also like to see a sample of the content you’ve created so far or an element of your WIP to give me a clearer idea of how I can help you move forward.

Part ONE: The Roadmap

Start here if you need to clarify and formulate your method or plan or if you’re struggling with what content to include, structure, tone and defining your audience. This is also for you if you’re stuck or need to completely reimagine and rewrite your book. Putting a roadmap into place saves you time and energy. In Part ONE you’ll:

  • Define your idea, method, or plan so it’s clear, concise and takes readers on a transformational journey.

  • Create a structure and narrative design that serves your mission and the reader’s needs.  

  • Decide on the book’s tone and voice.

  • Get guidance, feedback, and inspiration so that your foundation is solid, and you can move from idea to manuscript with confidence.

  • Gain a better understanding of the publishing marketplace and where your book fits in.    

$2500/per month (average 1-2 months)

Part TWO: The Proposal

Once you’ve defined your idea, the structure and tone, you’ll write a book proposal that is designed to dazzle publishers. In Part TWO, you’ll:

  • Create a book proposal that attracts the attention of agents and book publishers who will invest in you and your book project. 

  • Get guidance, feedback, and direction on the must-have elements of a winning book proposal (including a sample chapter) and how to make your content shine. 

  • Examples of book proposals that sold to publishers.

  • Regular deadlines so that you can manage your time along with accountability and support.

If you plan to self-publish you can skip this step and go to straight to

DISCLAIMER: I can’t guarantee that your book proposal will result in an offer of representation, a publishing contract, or sales but it will represent your idea, method or plan and your expertise in the best way possible. What I will do is support you in writing your best book.


$2500/per months (average 1-2 months)

Part THREE: The Pitch

Once you have finished writing your book proposal, it’s time to approach agents and publishers. In Part THREE, you’ll learn how to:

  • Research agents and publishers.

  • Write a query letter that sells.

  • Create a list of agents to pitch who have a track record of selling books like yours to traditional publishers.

  • Create ​a strategic plan for which agents to pitch in what order, how to find the best match for you and your book, and how to respond to offers of representation, comments, and rejections.

$2500 (average 1-2 months)

Part FOUR: The Manuscript

Whether you have a contract to write your book or are self-publishing Part FOUR is a combination of developmental editing and book coaching, a thorough and complete process that will help you revise your manuscript so that it’s ready for publication. Part FOUR ensures that the:

  • Content is clear, engaging, and actionable and aligns with your message and goals.

  • Tone is reader friendly, encouraging, authoritative and positive.

  • The structure and narrative design serves the book’s promise and takes readers on a transformational journey.

$2500 (average 2-6 months)


20-minute Compatibility Call:


If you need help to write your best book, let’s set up a complimentary 20-minute consultation to talk about your book idea and see if we’re a good fit. If we are, we’ll work together to decide on a plan of action.


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