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I'm an author, editor, journalist and content creator with 20+ years of experience. My specialties include health and wellness, natural remedies, alternative medicine, pet health, green living and lifestyle topics.


I craft and edit content that inspires people to take positive action to improve the quality of their lives and helps individuals and companies build brand awareness. 


Published Books


Natural Remedies for Mental and Emotional Health (Inner Traditions/2024)

Books for Quarto Press based in London, UK, one of the largest illustrated book publishers in the world. 

Holistic Health & Healing: The Home Reference for Natural Remedies & Stress Relief (Crestline Books/2019) 

The Complete Guide to Beating Sugar Addiction (Fairwinds/2015) 

Beat Sugar Addiction Now! Cookbook (Fairwinds Press/Jan 2012)

The Country Almanac of Home Remedies (Fairwinds/2011)

Beat Sugar Addiction Now! (Fairwinds March 2010)

The Compassionate Chick’s Guide to DIY Vegan Beauty (Robert Rose/2016)

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Natural Remedies (Alpha/Random House/2009) 


Dandelion Dead:  A Natural Remedies Mystery (Pocket Books/2016)

Garden of Death: A Natural Remedies Mystery (Pocket Books/2015)

Scent to Kill: A Natural Remedies Mystery (Gallery Books/2013)

Death Drops: A Natural Remedies Mystery (Gallery Books/2012)

Consumer Magazine Writing Experience Includes: 

  • USA Today magazine. Regular contributor. Green Living: Are Supplements Safe to Take? Pet Guide: Understanding Your Dog, Going the Distance: Volunteers transport pets for adoption. Home: Mother-Daughter Rehab Mission Hits Close to Home featuring HGTV stars Mina and Karen. Back to School: Are Your Kids Getting the Sleep They Need? 

  • AARP. One of the largest circulations in US. Pacemakers for dogs.   

  • Avenue. How Kindness Makes You Healthier.

  • Experience Life. What to Eat for Healthy Skin, 9 Supplements for Healthy Skin, 6 DIY Recipes for Skin Health, How to Optimize Your Calcium Intake, How to Supplement with Calcium. 

  • ·Woman’s Day. Articles include: Manage Your Migraines More Effectively, Mind/Peace: Free Yourself from Restless Emotions, 20 Ways to Slow Down, Instant Energy!   

  • Better Homes & Gardens. Articles include: Natural Ways to Breathe Easy, Dangers of Teen Tanning, Urgent Care Centers, Dinner Together is Better, Beat Test Stress. 

  • Remedy Healthy Living. Good Nature columnist covered research from around the world focusing on  nutrients that may improve health and prevent disease. Features focused on mind-body and optimal health and include: Think Thin: Eliminate Negative Thinking and Lose Weight,  Don’t Worry, Be Happy, Spring Clean Your Life, Ditch the Guilt, Take a Nap.

  • Real Simple. Road Trip Etiquette. 

  • Spirituality & Health. The health benefits of yoga nidra.   

  • Health Monitor Network. Health articles are a variety of subjects. Celebrity profiles: Tina Wesson, Survivor winner, Hoda Kolb, Today host, Mary McDonnell, actress, re. 

  • Arthritis Today. Natural remedies for arthritis. 

  • Natural Health. Take it Slow, Beat Your Sugar Addiction.   

  • Health. Zap a Migraine Before it Starts. 

  • Prevention. Bum Knee, Do Worry, Be Happy, Shopping for Your True Self.

  • RX Rebound. 

  • Easy Ways to Eat Together.

  • This Old House. 20 DIY project series for parents and kids including a tree swing, soccer goal and lemonade stand.   

  • One Green Planet. Series of DIY vegan beauty products you can make at home.  

  • Energy Times. As contributing editor covered wide range of natural health and wellness, environmental issues, green living.

  • Mother Earth Living. Natural remedies for cold and flu, the power of aromatherapy. 

  • Vegetarian Times. Natural energy boosters.   

  • Live in the Now. Reported on latest studies form U.S., U.K. that impact health.  

Content Marketing Writing Experience Includes:

  • Costco Connection. Custom magazine for Costco customers. Regular contributor of health content to U.S. and UK editions.

  • Meredith Integrated Marketing. Heart Healthy Living magazine, Greenwise. Custom publication for Publix grocery stores. Good Neighbor. Custom publication for State Farm insurance. 

  • Time Content Inc. custom publication. Covered sleep and other health issues.    

  • Medizine/CVS. Series of brochures on a variety of health topics for stores nationwide. 

  • Garden of Life, Inc. E-newsletter articles for top supplement company.

  • Renew Life. Essential Health. Alternative health magazine.  

  • Dunnhumby. Articles for custom publications.

  • King Fish Media. Articles for custom publications.

  • Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health. Articles for catalogue featuring health and well-being seminars and immersive programs.

  • Scrabble. PR, copywriter, newsletter articles.

Television & Film Screenwriting Experience Includes: 

Screenwriter, The Giant of Thunder Mountain (Family Universal Network) 

Warner Bros. Writers Workshop. 

Pilot. Diamond Lane. Warner Bros. Eustis-Elias Productions.

Television Production: 

ABC Entertainment and Sports Programming  

Warner Bros.


20th Century Fox 



Designing Women 

Hearts Afire

Evening Shade

Early Edition

Step by Step 

Education: Boston University.  College of Communications. BS. Major: Communication. 

Minor: Production and Design.

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