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"A helpful and current starting point for those seeking alternative medicine information."      - Library Journal

Holistic Health & Healing is a mind, body, and spirit reference guide that features time-tested natural remedies that reduce stress and anxiety; improve sleep, mood, immunity, and mental acuity and help you live a more balanced and happier life.


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"Fiedler has a knack for detailing aspects of acupuncture, massage, yoga and homeopathy which should provide fertile ground for further adventures of an unconventional, but eminently likeable, doctor." 

– Mystery Scene Magazine

Dandelion Dead is the fourth natural remedies mystery featuring featuring health food store owner and holistic doctor Willow McQuade as she investigates a crime at an organic winery. Includes tips about natural cures and edible plants. 

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interview about Dandelion Dead:

A Natural Remedies Mystery. 

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